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The Radio City Stage Door Tour is a one hour walking tour through Radio City Music Hall, located in the heart of Rockefeller Center. Tours leave approximately every half hour and tickets are sold at the Radio City Sweets & Gifts Shop on 6th Avenue between 50th and 51st Street.



  • Explore the Beautiful Art-Deco Interiors
  • Learn the secrets of the Great Stage and what it takes to transform the Music Hall for a concert or the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  • View the Celebrity Signed Guest Book!
  • Receive a complimentary fact-sheet about Radio City Music Hall, available in SEVEN (7) different languages
  • Meet a World Famous Radio City Rockette and discover first-hand what it takes to become one of the stars of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!


Monday through Sunday
11:00AM – 3:00PM


Adult $19.95
Senior (62+) $15.00
Children (12 and under) $15.00
Private Organization Groups (20+) $17.50
School Groups (20+) $13.00

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Use of video cameras and mobile phones are not permitted on the tour.

Daily Tour tickets are sold at the Radio City Sweets & Gifts Shop, located on 6th Avenue. Advanced Tour tickets for future dates are sold through Ticketmaster and the Radio City Music Hall Box Office only.

Please note from 11/01/2013-12/31/2013, Daily Tour tickets can be purchased at the 51st Street Tour Entrance located on 51st Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.

Reopened after an extensive restoration on October 4, 1999, the Music Hall now reflects its original grandeur of opening night, 1932, sporting behind-the-scenes upgrades and refurbishment. Following the lead of Radio City's experienced tour guides, explore the beautiful art-deco interiors, learn the secrets of the Great Stage, one of the largest indoor performance stages in the world; the stage's hydraulic system, still in operation since the '30s; and meet up close and in person, one of the world-famous Radio City Rockettes!

When an event is in progress there may be limited access to the seating area inside the Music Hall as well as the Hydraulics area. Furthermore, tours may only be able to view the Auditorium from a private viewing area.

Highlights of the "Stage Door Tour"

The Great Stage                     

Peter Clark designed the Great Stage at Radio City Music Hall to be the most innovative and technically advanced stage in the world, and throughout the theatre's history it has proven to be just that.

The stage measures 66 1/2 feet deep and a full city block wide (144 feet). A variety of special effects can be created on it, including dense fog and rain, but perhaps the most impressive element is its elevator system. The stage has four elevators, each capable of being lowered 27 feet in the sub-basement or raised 13 feet above the level of the stage. The elevators are run by a hydraulic system that was so ingenious the United States Navy came to the Music Hall to study and borrow the design for use on their WWII aircraft carriers. So "Top Secret" was our hydraulic system, the government felt it necessary to have a special agent watch over our basement during the war years. During the Christmas Spectacular, the elevator system adds to the audience's delight as the Radio City Orchestra appears in front of the stage, disappears under the stage only to reappear high up in the back of the stage!

The Wurlitzer Organ

It is a traditional part of the Music Hall's many stage productions. The organ has two independently working consoles, one on each side of the stage. The pipes are housed in 11 different rooms on both sides of the building.

In additional chambers, attached to the pipes, is a full set of percussion instruments: chimes, drums, woodblocks and even a concert piano. The organist, from his console, can play these instruments and actually create the sound of a full orchestra.

Samuel Lionel "Roxy" Rothafel

Samuel Lionel Rothafel was also known to his friends as "Roxy." Roxy was, during the 1930s, the premier expert on theater design.

Roxy's original concept for the auditorium in the Music Hall is said to have come to him in a "vision."

Before construction was to begin at Radio City, he traveled to Europe to study the designs of some of the world's great theaters. Disappointed in what he found, Roxy tells the story of watching the sun set over the water during his return trip on an ocean liner. Inspired by its beauty, he decided that this was the look he wanted for his showplace. Hence, the stage and surrounding coves were designed to resemble a setting sun sinking into an ocean of red velvet seats.

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center, the site of the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, is a 19-building complex between 47th and 52nd Streets, from Fifth Avenue to midway between the Avenue of the Americas and Seventh Avenue. It is one of New York's biggest attractions.

In 1928, John D. Rockefeller Jr. leased this land from Columbia University, planning to build a new opera house. These plans fell through with the great stock market crash of 1929. He soon decided to build a "City within a City" based on the theme of human optimism and progress as a beacon of hope in the midst of the Depression and an emblem of the progress of man.

One of the first and largest tenants of the new complex was the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), and the center soon took the nickname "Radio City." Not long afterwards, the Music Hall in Rockefeller Center became known as Radio City Music Hall, perhaps the most famous and popular part of Rockefeller Center.

Today, Rockefeller Center is a thriving complex of businesses and retail establishments with 49 shops, 28 restaurants, 1.4 million square feet of office space, NBC Studios, 1 skating rink, and home of the Prometheus Statue and the world's largest decorated Christmas tree. And in 1998, Rockefeller Center became the home of Christie's Auction House.

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